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Investments rooted in community building, historical significance and family values.


We are real estate investors committed to community building, projects with historical significance and family values. Interested in making meaningful investments with focused business partners, we utilize our shared backgrounds of fund management, real estate development and business operations to cultivate a portfolio of investments which provide jobs, social awareness, and freedom for all involved.


The Team

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Jeffrey Greco

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Jeffrey Greco is a passionate entrepreneur who got his start building companies in the internet marketing space, including Internet Marketing Inc. which ranked #185 on the Inc.500. In 2012, Jeffrey switched gears to capitalize on the mortgage note buying opportunity which eventually lead him to the real estate finance industry where he built a private lending business. Today, Jeffrey is a real estate investor and operator of private equity businesses and lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife and 2 children.


Doug Fath

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Doug Fath is an award-winning entrepreneur and investor. Doug started and sold his first two businesses while in college and upon graduation from NYU’s Stern School of Business moved to Philadelphia to continue his real estate investing career. Today he owns a variety of real estate operating companies that have been recognized at the White House as well as the United Nations.


Jamie Greco

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Jamie Greco is an enthusiastic, people oriented, brand building entrepreneur. Jamie always finds herself fine tuning business operations and improving company culture to serve a company’s brand and bottom line. Involved in real estate companies and ventures for the last 10 years, Jamie now loves being on the strategic end of their real estate businesses and operational end of their private equity ventures. Driven to find a way to make motherhood and business ownership symbiotic, Jamie is excited to expand her family’s investment empire as she figures out being a mother of two.

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Michael Tomasetti

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Michael Tomasetti has been investing in real estate since 1999.  He’s acquired over 70 properties, developing both single family and multi unit buildings. Michael’s areas of expertise include negotiation, deal structuring and sales. His entrepreneurial career began early - first launching a landscaping company (age 18) and later a successful construction business. He possesses in-depth knowledge of building & construction, which allows him to effectively manage resources.


Brennan Tomasetti

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Brennan Tomasetti began her career in software consulting and, shortly after, began investing in real estate, as a means towards retirement. Now, with over 20 years investment experience, she owns a portfolio of rental properties, in Philadelphia. For Brennan, their Guild House Hotel investment project is a dream-come-true venture, as it aligns closely with her long-time goal of advancing equality and independence for women. Brennan resides in Philadelphia with her husband and 5 year old daughter. 

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